Alec’s Hotwife Birthday Released and July Updates

Alec's Hotwife Birthday cover
Alec's Hotwfie birthday
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Alec’s Hotwife Birthday and Instant Kicks – Current Stuff

Hey, Everyone!

June was such a busy month, I didn’t get a post up about the Instant Kicks Anthology I was a part of. It was an interesting and fun experience to work with 10 other authors to create stories from the same universe. Sex work is legal and there is an app where you can order sex like you order food. The book has 18 quick short stories exploring various kinks. My first story involves a reluctant first-time domme, and my second is my first F/F story. Check out the book, if you’re interested. If you want to hear 2 minute audio clips of all the stories, you can find them at

Click on cover to buy it from various ebook sellers

Alec’s Hotwife Birthday released a couple of days ago and I’m incredibly proud of the story. I haven’t liked a story I wrote this much since Bonding with the Boss. This book also sets up the direction Miranda is heading. Anyone who has followed the Four Lawyers and a Hotwife series will not be surprised that Miranda realizes she’s into BDSM. It’s been a slow realization, and up until Alec’s Birthday she doesn’t even seem to understand she’s doing BDSM stuff with her boss.

I have four more stories planned with Miranda and then I swear I’m officially ending with her. I have the threesome birthday book on August 15th, A F/F birthday book in September, and then a final birthday book in October. Her last story will be part of a November BDSM anthology, and the plan for her in the anthology makes a fitting end to her journey.

Future Direction

For anyone following my series or watching my twitter, it’s no secret that I’ve been shifting more towards the BDSM genre. Hotwife is fun to write, but I found that even with the hotwife series I was wanting to write BDSM with it. My next series will fit in the BDSM genre and will be a woman with a husband and an online dom. I’m shooting for an August release for the first book in the series and it will be at least 3 books.

I have other plans in the works, as well as I hope to publish shorter pieces more regularly on Medium, so stay tuned!


Alec’s Hotwife Birthday Released and July Updates

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