August News and next Hotwife Birthday Book

Jon's Hotwife Birthday book cover
Jon's Hotwife birthday book
Jon’s Hotwife Birthday
releasing 8/16

Lots of exciting stuff happening in August.
First, Jon’s Hotwife Birthday comes out on 8/16.

Just how far would you go to give your husband the ultimate birthday gift?

Miranda’s been a hotwife for months now and feels a little selfish.  Her husband Jon waits home patiently for her through all her adventures, and she knows he loves it but when Miranda meets a hot girl at a local restaurant an idea begins to blossom for Jon’s upcoming birthday.

Can a hotwife learn to share and have fun with it?

At some point soon I will do a voice recording for it and tweet it and post it below with the other recordings.

After the birthday book, I have my next series starting on 8/27. Emily Secret Dom releases.

Emily's Secret Dom book cover
Click on book to pre-order

Sometimes temptation can be more than a person can resist.

Emily’s life is boring and at 35 she assumes this is as good as it’s going to get.  She got a decent job and a loving, if passionless, husband but knows she should be grateful for all her blessings. Until a chance encounter in an online game introduces her to Aiden.

Aiden thrills her like no other man has before, and she doesn’t understand what is so special about him until he tempts her with an offer that she knows she should refuse.

Journey with Emily as she grapples with hidden desires she didn’t know she had and travels down a darker path than she ever thought possible.

I just released a super newsy August newsletter so I don’t want to repeat a bunch of stuff here. But if anyone is interested in checking out my newsletter, you can see it HERE.

I’m mainly just plugging away at writing. I have a very busy writing schedule through the end of the year so you should see more consistent releases from me. On my website in the voice file section, I put links to an interview I did on Ruan Willow’s OH F*CK YEAH podcast, and so far the feedback has been positive and even my close friends said they learned stuff about me. So check it out if you want any behind-the-scenes info into how Lacey’s mind works!

Hope everyone is staying cool this summer!



August News and next Hotwife Birthday Book

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