September News – Patreon Info

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Super Busy September

It’s been a crazy busy September for me. I started my Patreon, have 3 releases, and I’ve been sick.

Patreon Inforomation.

First, my Patreon is open and it’s a good deal if you are someone who buy almost all my books. For the $6 tier, I’ll be doing 2 early release books per month which is the same price as buying them when they release, and then you get all the extra goodies along with it. I’ve got the links to my Medium stories on Patreon now, and will post all future Medium links for my Patreons. I also plan on writing a new series chapter by chapter and releasing it as I go, so people can see my writing process.

Three Books Released.

For books this month, Emily’s Secret Dom was very well received. I got a lot of comments and I’ve never gotten so many reviews for a story on release weekend. People are invested in the emotional side of the story, and I put a lot of effort into writing that, so I’m glad it is liked.

Chloe’s Hotwife Birthday releases today, and it was my biggest pre-order ever. I may be taking the hint and writing more F/F stuff in the future (I may already have a series in mind).

And then as a surprise, I did a sneak release of my first erotica I ever wrote 10+ years ago. It’s Just One Night and I updated it and rewrote large sections, but I’m happy with the result and think it’s a good story. It is a stand-alone book and will only be available on Amazon so that I can put it in Kindle Unlimited.

Personal Information.

If anyone follows me on Twitter, it’s no surprise that I’ve been sick. I got an infected cat scratch that was complicated by two doctors giving me the wrong antibiotics for it. So it’s been a “fun” month. But I’m on the mend and I’m pumped to keep writing. I have lots of fun stuff planned coming up, so stay tuned!.


September News – Patreon Info

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