September News – Patreon Info

Super Busy September

It’s been a crazy busy September for me. I started my Patreon, have 3 releases, and I’ve been sick.

Patreon Inforomation.

First, my Patreon is open and it’s a good deal if you are someone who buy almost all my books. For the $6 tier, I’ll be doing 2 early release books per month which is the same price as buying them when they release, and then you get all the extra goodies along with it. I’ve got the links to my Medium stories on Patreon now, and will post all future Medium links for my Patreons. I also plan on writing a new series chapter by chapter and releasing it as I go, so people can see my writing process.

Three Books Released.

For books this month, Emily’s Secret Dom was very well received. I got a lot of comments and I’ve never gotten so many reviews for a story on release weekend. People are invested in the emotional side of the story, and I put a lot of effort into writing that, so I’m glad it is liked.

Chloe’s Hotwife Birthday releases today, and it was my biggest pre-order ever. I may be taking the hint and writing more F/F stuff in the future (I may already have a series in mind).

And then as a surprise, I did a sneak release of my first erotica I ever wrote 10+ years ago. It’s Just One Night and I updated it and rewrote large sections, but I’m happy with the result and think it’s a good story. It is a stand-alone book and will only be available on Amazon so that I can put it in Kindle Unlimited.

Personal Information.

If anyone follows me on Twitter, it’s no surprise that I’ve been sick. I got an infected cat scratch that was complicated by two doctors giving me the wrong antibiotics for it. So it’s been a “fun” month. But I’m on the mend and I’m pumped to keep writing. I have lots of fun stuff planned coming up, so stay tuned!.


August News and next Hotwife Birthday Book

Jon's Hotwife birthday book
Jon’s Hotwife Birthday
releasing 8/16

Lots of exciting stuff happening in August.
First, Jon’s Hotwife Birthday comes out on 8/16.

Just how far would you go to give your husband the ultimate birthday gift?

Miranda’s been a hotwife for months now and feels a little selfish.  Her husband Jon waits home patiently for her through all her adventures, and she knows he loves it but when Miranda meets a hot girl at a local restaurant an idea begins to blossom for Jon’s upcoming birthday.

Can a hotwife learn to share and have fun with it?

At some point soon I will do a voice recording for it and tweet it and post it below with the other recordings.

After the birthday book, I have my next series starting on 8/27. Emily Secret Dom releases.

Emily's Secret Dom book cover
Click on book to pre-order

Sometimes temptation can be more than a person can resist.

Emily’s life is boring and at 35 she assumes this is as good as it’s going to get.  She got a decent job and a loving, if passionless, husband but knows she should be grateful for all her blessings. Until a chance encounter in an online game introduces her to Aiden.

Aiden thrills her like no other man has before, and she doesn’t understand what is so special about him until he tempts her with an offer that she knows she should refuse.

Journey with Emily as she grapples with hidden desires she didn’t know she had and travels down a darker path than she ever thought possible.

I just released a super newsy August newsletter so I don’t want to repeat a bunch of stuff here. But if anyone is interested in checking out my newsletter, you can see it HERE.

I’m mainly just plugging away at writing. I have a very busy writing schedule through the end of the year so you should see more consistent releases from me. On my website in the voice file section, I put links to an interview I did on Ruan Willow’s OH F*CK YEAH podcast, and so far the feedback has been positive and even my close friends said they learned stuff about me. So check it out if you want any behind-the-scenes info into how Lacey’s mind works!

Hope everyone is staying cool this summer!



Alec’s Hotwife Birthday Released and July Updates

Alec's Hotwfie birthday
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Alec’s Hotwife Birthday and Instant Kicks – Current Stuff

Hey, Everyone!

June was such a busy month, I didn’t get a post up about the Instant Kicks Anthology I was a part of. It was an interesting and fun experience to work with 10 other authors to create stories from the same universe. Sex work is legal and there is an app where you can order sex like you order food. The book has 18 quick short stories exploring various kinks. My first story involves a reluctant first-time domme, and my second is my first F/F story. Check out the book, if you’re interested. If you want to hear 2 minute audio clips of all the stories, you can find them at

Click on cover to buy it from various ebook sellers

Alec’s Hotwife Birthday released a couple of days ago and I’m incredibly proud of the story. I haven’t liked a story I wrote this much since Bonding with the Boss. This book also sets up the direction Miranda is heading. Anyone who has followed the Four Lawyers and a Hotwife series will not be surprised that Miranda realizes she’s into BDSM. It’s been a slow realization, and up until Alec’s Birthday she doesn’t even seem to understand she’s doing BDSM stuff with her boss.

I have four more stories planned with Miranda and then I swear I’m officially ending with her. I have the threesome birthday book on August 15th, A F/F birthday book in September, and then a final birthday book in October. Her last story will be part of a November BDSM anthology, and the plan for her in the anthology makes a fitting end to her journey.

Future Direction

For anyone following my series or watching my twitter, it’s no secret that I’ve been shifting more towards the BDSM genre. Hotwife is fun to write, but I found that even with the hotwife series I was wanting to write BDSM with it. My next series will fit in the BDSM genre and will be a woman with a husband and an online dom. I’m shooting for an August release for the first book in the series and it will be at least 3 books.

I have other plans in the works, as well as I hope to publish shorter pieces more regularly on Medium, so stay tuned!


Four Lawyers and a Hotwife bundle releasing 4/28/21

Four Lawyers and a Hotwife book cover

Get the entire series bundle for Four Lawyers and a Hotwife from Amazon with an exclusive free story download. Pre-order available now.

Series bundle – exclusive story download offer!

Miranda works for four hot lawyers but never considered herself more than just an employee.  Her husband suggests they change the boundaries of their relationship and encourages her to hook up with her bosses.  This suggestion turns Miranda’s world upside down. How far will she go to embrace her newfound freedom?

A collection of erotic short stories featuring Miranda and her bosses.

Series bundle includes:

  • Servicing the Senior Partner
  • Delighting the Boss
  • Bonding with the Boss
  • Breaking in the Junior Partner
  • Miranda’s Reward
  • Plus a bonus exclusive story download for the bundle only!

The bundle includes a challenge for the reader. Depending on how you do, you get to choose either a winner story or a losing story. Which story do you think you deserve?

You can listen to the book information and a small excerpt from the free reward book at Headliner HERE.

Excerpt from Winning Miranda’s Challenge

“Miranda, I bet you can’t get Steve to fuck you.”

My husband, Jon, and I are relaxing on the couch watching a cheesy Netflix romantic comedy when he tosses out the crazy statement. We’re mid movie and my thoughts were only if the protagonist of the film was going to get her happily ever after with the prince of some made-up land. I’m sure I didn’t hear Jon correctly. After all, Steve is his best friend.

I glance at him, irritated he’s interrupting the movie. “What did you just say?”

Jon grabs the remote and mutes the show, which only irritates me further. Why didn’t he just pause the damn thing?

“I said — I bet you can’t get Steve to fuck you.”

My eyes grow wide as I stare at Jon and contemplate this idea. Is he saying he wants me to have sex with Steve? This has to be a trap. Steve has been his best friend since college and on a scale of 1 to 10 of hotness, he’s easily a 9, maybe a 9.5. If I had met Steve before Jon, things may have turned out differently for me. Steve and Jon were both single back then, but Steve was sick and didn’t attend the party that eventually led to me and Jon hooking up.

Steve is over six feet tall and is on the slender side, so he has that lanky body that you wouldn’t expect to be sexy. His confidence, and the way he moves, and talks — and it might be the multiple tattoos all over his arms and chest — he’s a chick magnet. The bad boy who will never grow up, but makes a woman think he’ll spank your ass and make you say please before you come. Top that with wavy brown hair that is always slightly messy, and gorgeous hazel eyes… yep, Steve is smoking hot.

Series finale release. Miranda’s Reward

Miranda's Reward Book Cover

Miranda’s finally gets rewarded for being such a good employee. Available at my affiliate link on Amazon HERE.

The final reward has come. Will Miranda be able to handle a night of passion in the conference room with all four of her bosses?

Miranda was offered a special employee appreciation party for all her hard work with the bosses.  She jumped at the chance and she’s ready to party.

Join the celebration as Miranda gets her first taste of multiple partners.

You can check out a short voice reading from Headliner.

Excerpt from Miranda’s Reward:

He rubs his thumb across my mouth, forcing my lower lip to pull down slightly, and I resist the urge to kiss his fingers. 

“Do you know how beautiful you are?”

Uh, what? A sexual charge zings through my body and I flush. I don’t answer him because I can’t form a coherent thought. Being in this room alone and on my knees is oddly intimate. I should get up, give him the message, and leave. I’m not going to though. I know myself too well. And the growing bulge in his trousers gives me hope I will see some action. 

Realizing that I shouldn’t be here spurs me on and gives me courage, but I don’t know how to ask him to let me suck him off. I can’t exactly be all, “I notice you have a problem, let me take care of that for you.” That might work for some girls, but not me. 

My brain finally figures out how to word it, and I softly stammer, “Is there anything you want from me?”

Since I’m still looking up at him, I see the wry smile before he replies. “Oh, Kitten, there is so much I want from you, but it’s not my turn.”

Now Available Breaking in the Junior Partner

Breaking in the Junior Partner Cover
Available now on Amazon through my Amazon affiliate link

Breaking in the Junior Partner now available!
Book 4 is finally released and Book 5 is coming out on the 20th!

What would you do if you were offered the ultimate sexual experience, but it required you to seduce the new employee?

Hotwife Miranda has the ultimate carrot danged in front of her twitching nose.  The only catch is that she must seduce the sexy new partner at the law firm.  Mr. Daniels is understandably reluctant to believe that Miranda is a willing participant and would appreciate his advances.  She must prove she’s all in to get her reward.

Can Miranda convince the new guy to accept the pleasure she’s offering?

If you want to check our my voice excerpt you can get it at Headliner here. I’m getting more comfortable doing them, so I think I did a better job on this one.

Except from Book 4 Breaking in the Junior Partner

He stumbles on his words. “Miranda, what can I do for you?”

His hesitation makes me braver than I’ve ever been in my life. I purr at him. “I think you know.”

“I can’t lose this job.” Mr. Daniels looks pained, as if he’s uncertain about his answer.

If I don’t somehow convince him, my party won’t happen. There is no way the firm would risk a lawsuit if Mr. Daniels turned all of us in for sexual harassment. How do I get it across that they won’t fire him and that I want to fuck him? He’s super sexy and I’m itching to see if his skin is as soft as it appears.

Something on a shelf behind him catches my eye. Mr. Daniels has only been here for a few days, but it looks as if he’s brought some trinkets from home with him. Well, well, well, Mr. Daniels is a Star Wars fan. A ghost of a smile flickers across my face. I should have led with my Yoda pickup line. Action figures grace the shelf behind his head. He has several figurines of the Rebel Alliance members, and a green toy lightsaber. The lightsaber is inexpensive and doesn’t retract. It’s just a long green tube that lights up with the click of a button. This gives me an awesome idea.

Upcoming Book 5 Available April 20th – preorder available

Miranda's Reward book cover
Pre-order from Amazon

The final reward has come. Will Miranda be able to handle a night of passion in the conference room with all four of her bosses?

Miranda was offered a special employee appreciation party for all her hard work with the bosses.  She jumped at the chance and she’s ready to party.

Join the celebration as Miranda gets her first taste of multiple partners.

Harold’s Hotwife Birthday – erotica short story

Get the ebook from my Amazon Affiliate link HERE

If you were asked to be the birthday gift for your older hot neighbor, would you?

Miranda’s hotwife life takes an unexpected turn when the neighboring wife asks Miranda to be her husband’s birthday gift. Miranda quickly agrees, assuming this will be just like the fun times she’s having with her bosses, but is rattled when it turns out to be something else.

Every choice has a consequence and Miranda finds out this may be more than just sleeping with the neighbor for his birthday.

You can hear a couple minute voice excerpt of me reading part of the story at Headliner HERE.

Book Excerpt

Harold pursues me up the stairs and knowing he’s inspecting my ass produces a smirk. I want to blurt out, “Yes, this is the same ass I was bending over for you earlier,” but stay quiet. The idea of fucking him is exhilarating, and I hope he’s as aroused as I am. Based on the small amount of chitchat and how fast he ushered me upstairs, I’m guessing he is.

We pass the master bedroom and until the moment we do, I didn’t realize how the thought of fucking him in their marital bed was bugging me. He directs me to a spare room with a queen-sized bed as I breathe a slight sigh of relief and relax. As the slight tension drains away, I turn to him with a smile.

I attempt to give him my best doe-eyed innocent look, though I think my outfit might ruin any chaste vibe. “Since it’s your birthday, Sir. What would you like?”

His voice is stern when he replies. “I want you to take your clothes off and get on your knees.”

Oh hell, yes! My inner goddess does a happy dance.

Bonding with the Boss – 3rd erotica plus voice excerpt

Bonding with the Boss cover
Get Bonding with the Boss from my Amazon affiliate link HERE

If your hot lawyer boss gave you the option of being bent over his desk or being tied up, which would you choose?

Hotwife Miranda’s day with her third boss approaches, and his request for pigtails puts Miranda in a hilarious mood.  It all seems like fun and games until she’s given options on what she wants done to her.

Miranda’s choice may have a bigger impact on her hotwife status than she realizes when her boss rocks her world.

Voice Excerpt – I’ve been trying some short 1-2 minute audio excerpts from my books. If you want to hear me read, you can listen to it from Headliner HERE. Please keep in mind this is not work or family friendly. Headphones recommended. Also, I am not a voice actor and this is just me being nervous while reading my story. I received good feedback so I plan to continue to do these. You can find a list of all the ones made on my personal page HERE.

Excerpt from Bonding with the Boss

Mr. Knight frowns at me and drums his fingers on his desk, the hollow beat the only sound breaking the silence. I nervously fiddle with my kitten necklace and shiver. Sexual excitement replaces the hilarity of the situation and I hope he’s going to bend me over the desk. I might as well be 3 for 3 on being bent over the office desks. Something tells me that Mr. Knight won’t be gentle about it, and based on how wet I am at the thought, my body doesn’t mind.

When he finally speaks, it’s toneless, so I can’t tell if he’s angry at me or not. “Miranda, remove all your clothes and stand in the middle of the room.”

Oh, shit. I haven’t been completely naked yet with any of them, and the thought is strangely erotic. I mean, I’ve had two other cocks inside of me, but being exposed is more personal somehow. Instead of responding, I kick off my shoes and they clatter to the floor across the room. As I’m unzipping the fastener of my skirt and unbuttoning my top, Mr. Knight opens a desk drawer and removes some items that he lays out on the top of the desk.

I don’t pay him much mind because my hands are shaking and it’s almost impossible to unbutton my top. When I finally free the buttons, I drop my shirt to the floor, along with my skirt. I’m standing in a pair of white satin panties and matching bra when my attention focuses on the items sitting on the desk. He’s laid out a bundle of rope and oddly shaped scissors I would expect to see at a doctor’s office. Uh, what the shit? I freeze and stare at Mr. Knight with wide eyes.

Taking Dictation from the Boss

A Hotwife short story erotica on Medium

Hotwife Miranda gets lucky with Mr. Jacob’s again. I released a short story erotica on Medium under the MyErotica publication. Medium is a pay site, though everyone can read 3 articles free per month. If you have a medium subscription, they have a nice amount of erotica. Otherwise, I hope for your sake you haven’t used your 3 views so far this month. I’ve been told by multiple sources that this short piece is super hot.

First hotwife erotica short story releasing on 3/12 on Amazon!

Servicing the Senior Partner – An Office Hotwife Erotica

If your husband changes the rules and you work with three hot lawyers… what would you do?

Miranda’s is 28 and bored with her sex life. When her husband suggests they change the boundaries of their relationship, she reluctantly agrees. Her husband encourages her to work overtime and wants to hear all the details.  Miranda goes for it and it changes everything.

The freedom is liberating, and Miranda is ready to embrace her new Hotwife status.

Journey with Miranda in this erotica short story of around 4300 words. Book 1 in a series that explores Miranda’s newfound openness and exploration of multiple men in her life. Look for all 4 books in the series.

Sneak Peak!

My husband, Jon, and I had an interesting weekend. We’ve been having long talks every night, so I’ve been falling asleep later than normal. It’s throwing off my entire schedule and jacking up my mornings while I rush around trying to get ready for work. A few months ago he expressed a sexual fantasy of his was for me to have sex with someone else and then come home and tell him every detail. I initially laughed at him, assuming it was a joke because he wasn’t advocating for him to sleep around as well, but he swore he was serious. I told him I would consider it and dropped the subject.

When he brought up the idea of me sleeping with someone outside of the marriage again, I was horny and agreed to the idea. Just the thought of me doing it with someone else turned him into a wild beast on Sunday night, which is why I was late Monday morning. Now he’s been non-stop talking about it every night and urging me to find someone hot to fuck ASAP.